Company Profile

PT SPR Langgak is an oil company that is responsible for operating the Langgak Block in Riau,
which produces Sumatra Light Crude (SLC).
PT SPR Langgak is a subsidiary of the oldest regional-owned company in Riau province,
named PT Sarana Pembangunan Riau.
Our Head Office is located in Jakarta.
We are proud to have respectable, talented, energetic and professional workers as part of our team.

About Langgak Field

  • The Field produces Sumatra Light Crude (“SLC”).
  • The Field was discovered in 1976, and had been operated by SPR Langgak since April 20, 2010.
  • The Field was designed to handle 3,000 barrel per day operation originally, despite it was recorded at 329 oil barrel per day at the first time it was operated by SPR Langgak.
  • SPRL commits to maintain production level of the Field as per SKK Migas target approval by using advanced technologies in oil services maintenance, work over, well development, and enhanced oil recovery implementation.

Operation, Production, and Development of SPR Langgak

Operation Area – Location Map

Located in Desa Langgak, Rokan Hulu, Riau Province. 135 km from Pekanbaru, 100 km Southwest from Minas Field (Chevron).


Langgak Field produce oil with specification as per the following data:


  • Plan to drill development wells in Langgak field from 2018 thru 2024 depending on oil price condition.
  • Develop alignment with professional consultant to implement enhance oil recovery (EOR) technology.
  • Maintain availability and reliability of production facility to support field development.